Packaging R: getting in repositories

After the previous post collecting information about repositories I want to collect here my thoughts on adding a package in a repository and how repositories are recognized. As in the previous post this is built on the assumption that one already has a package or more and wants to distribute it.

Packaging R: repositories

In this post I want to collect some thoughts about R repositories. In R we have multiple repositories that store packages for users. In this post I want to write about the purpose, functionality, benefits and drawbacks of R repositories and how packages are managed.

rtweet future

How support for rtweet will continue going forward.

Leadership in open source projects

This is the second part of the previous post about concepts around open source/free software. Since last book, I also read Uncurled which recommended “The Making and maintenance of open source software” (I will short it to MMOSS) and “Producing Open Source Software” (POSS), which provide first hand experiences about how those maintainers handled different projects.

Concepts around open source/free software

This post is to lay out some concepts I picked up after reading “The Making and maintenance of open source software”. Having these concepts in mind might help me on my contributions to R and OSS in general.