Packaging R: getting in repositories

After the previous post collecting information about repositories I want to collect here my thoughts on adding a package in a repository and how repositories are recognized. As in the previous post this is built on the assumption that one already has a package or more and wants to distribute it.

useR madrid: rtweet

I provide some experiences around developing and maintaining a package

Packaging R: repositories

In this post I want to collect some thoughts about R repositories. In R we have multiple repositories that store packages for users. In this post I want to write about the purpose, functionality, benefits and drawbacks of R repositories and how packages are managed.

BaseSet 0.9.0

I’m excited to provide a new release of BaseSet, the package implementing a a class and methods to work with (fuzzy) sets. This release was focused on making it easier to work with it.

experDesign: follow up

Explains the new updates of the experDesign 0.2.0 package

Accessing REDCap from R

Summarize packages related to REDCap

Exploring CRAN's files: part 2

Introduction In the first post of the series we briefly explored packages available on CRAN. Now I’ll focus on history of the packages and its size using the following files:

Exploring CRAN's files: part 1

Exploration of the CRAN archive: First part about packages published on CRAN

Upgrading rtweet to 1.0.2

In this post I will provide some examples of what has changed between rtweet 0.7.0 and rtweet 1.0.2. I hope both the changes and this guide will help all users.

Writing a thesis with bookdown

Tips and leasons learned while writing a PhD thesis with bookdown.