Packaging R: repositories

In this post I want to collect some thoughts about R repositories. In R we have multiple repositories that store packages for users. In this post I want to write about the purpose, functionality, benefits and drawbacks of R repositories and how packages are managed.

BaseSet 0.9.0

I’m excited to provide a new release of BaseSet, the package implementing a a class and methods to work with (fuzzy) sets. This release was focused on making it easier to work with it.

experDesign: follow up

Explains the new updates of the experDesign 0.2.0 package

Accessing REDCap from R

Summarize packages related to REDCap

Exploring CRAN's files: part 2

Introduction In the first post of the series we briefly explored packages available on CRAN. Now I’ll focus on history of the packages and its size using the following files:

Exploring CRAN's files: part 1

Exploration of the CRAN archive: First part about packages published on CRAN

Upgrading rtweet to 1.0.2

In this post I will provide some examples of what has changed between rtweet 0.7.0 and rtweet 1.0.2. I hope both the changes and this guide will help all users.

Writing a thesis with bookdown

Tips and leasons learned while writing a PhD thesis with bookdown.

Creating an RSS feed for r-bloggers for my blogdown

To avoid post with incorrect XML on full content you can limit the post served on the pages.

Reasons why packages are archived on CRAN

Most frequent reason is due to the package not fixed on time, followed by depending on packages archived and policy violation.