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useR madrid: rtweet

I provide some experiences around developing and maintaining a package


Los paquetes van a CRAN

A short presentation in Spanish about submitting a package to CRAN and maintain it.

Releasing packages

Package development, release and maintenance process based on several other posts and presentations on this blog.


Improving (analysis) process: developing packages

I was invited to give this talk shortly after my talk at useR!2021. I was very nervous because I would like to have such a community on Spain and work together with them.

Workshop: Creating packages

I was invited by Francis Mensha on R-devel slack to give this workshop on April 29th for the R User Group Ghana. First time teaching R stats and remote I expected people to follow the workshop and run the code and then ask questions but I was asked to do it myself.

Packages submission and reviews; how does it work?

Description of the submission process to CRAN