rOpenSci submissions

Comparing rOpenSci review process to the Bioconductor review process. Most important differences are external reviewers and build on external machines as well as a longer review time.

Bioconductor submissions: reviews

Looking in detail to Bioconductor sumbissions: interactions between bots, reviewers and the community.

Social activities on GitHub

Presenting the socialGH package to retrieve information from GitHub.

Bioconductor submissions

Exploring the submission process to Bioconductor. What happens, how long does it take, what are the common problems and solutions for new contributors.

R quarantine house

Checking quarantine environments

R weekly new editor

Checking who can be Rweekly.org editor with R

CRAN dependencies

New policy in CRAN With the new policy of a maximum of 20 packages in Imports. Let’s see how many dependencies has each package on CRAN and Bioconductor:

Debugging only when needed

One of the worst thing I experienced is having a bug in a nested call of functions. If it is not simple the problems comes to isolate when and why does it occur.

Fast correlations

Correlations One of the few methods that are commonly done are correlations. I found several implementations of Pearson correlations, and I was curious to know if which is the fastest one.

Christmas tree

So it is Christmas and I want a tree. I found this new package experimental ggfx and I thought it would be nice to use it for the lights.