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CRAN maintained packages

Some analysis on the RCurl and XML dependencies.

experDesign: follow up

Explains the new updates of the experDesign 0.2.0 package

Releasing rtweet 1.2.0

News about rtweet 1.2.0 and its future.

rtweet future

How support for rtweet will continue going forward.

Accessing REDCap from R

Summarize packages related to REDCap

Starting as a pet bioinformatician

In my other blog, I posted some views as a pet bioinformatician. I am starting in a new position but with more experience, I think it will help me and other people in the same position.

Exploring CRAN's files: part 2

Introduction In the first post of the series we briefly explored packages available on CRAN. Now I’ll focus on history of the packages and its size using the following files:

Exploring CRAN's files: part 1

Exploration of the CRAN archive: First part about packages published on CRAN

Upgrading rtweet to 1.0.2

In this post I will provide some examples of what has changed between rtweet 0.7.0 and rtweet 1.0.2. I hope both the changes and this guide will help all users.

Leadership in open source projects

This is the second part of the previous post about concepts around open source/free software. Since last book, I also read Uncurled which recommended “The Making and maintenance of open source software” (I will short it to MMOSS) and “Producing Open Source Software” (POSS), which provide first hand experiences about how those maintainers handled different projects.