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Introduction I have learned a lot about linear models through carefully reading limma’s vignette. However from time to time I find that I cannnot do the model of the effects as I wish to compare the samples as I need.

PII fines

From some time I’ve been following a company that uses data to explain some data. I want to use some of the data they published from Civio to see if I learn more about personal identifiable information fines.

Barrios ricos y pobres

Me sorprendió la información sobre los barrios y la correlación que apareció en una notícia. Así que aquí rehago los graficos a partir de los datos descargados de la notícia:

Consumption of gasoline by our car

Analysis of the consumption of a family car over 4 years of refills

Twitter bot

I was talking with a friend about social networks when he mentioned that it wasn’t worth his time to invest on podcasts. He said that I looked up his twitter account, that that’s more useful for him.

Tidy data and tidyverse

I am surprised how often two things get conflated in around the tidyverse. The tidy data principles is about having in each row a data point, where each variable has its own column.

NSE in base R

After some discussions on the internet (and some breaks I got in a pipe using tidyr) I’ll decided to try to emulate dplyr and other tidyr functions with base functions.

Posting and titles

If you want a post to appear on blogdown do not use titles of form # My title. But you can use second order titles with ## My title and it will be correctly parsed.

Forest fires in Mexico

Evolucion de los incendios forestales en México I saw a map on twitter and I wanted to see if I could change a bit and improve it: I wanted to make so that the fires change the size with time to appear and disappear instead of moving around Mexico.

PhD selection

In this blogpost I will try to experiment how to simulate the conditions for ending a PhD program and obtaining the doctorate, from the school. I will base this simulation on three principles: